AWARd & contest winners

Each year pilots go above and beyond competing in various contests and events. Click on each topic to see who won.


Early Bird Award

(first pilot-in-command to arrive at Galesburg Municipal Airport for the 2022 Fly-In who remained for the duration)

Brian Rosenstein arrived Wednesday, August 31, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. from Chasrlotte, NC in Stearman N1535M.

Longest Cross-Country

(awarded to the pilot whose direct route from his or her home airport to Galesburg was the longest in a Stearman)

Edward "Ted" Miller flew 1,717 sm from Santa Rosa, CA, in Stearman N9923H.

Youngest Pilot

(awarded to the youngest pilot who, acting as pilot-in-command, landed a Stearman upon its arrival for the 2022 Fly-In)

Ben Thomas, 21 years old, born August 20, 2001, Stearman N36PH.

Most Vintage Pilot

(awarded to the oldest person who, acting as pilot-in-command, landed a Stearman upon its arrival for the 2022 Fly-In)

"Old Bob" Siegfried, born July 1, 1929, 92 years old.

Newest Restoration

Presented to the owner of the Stearman whose restoration was completed closest to the date of the presentation of this award

N5540N, first flight August 28, 2022, Rob Lock, Florida to NSFI!

Hard Luck Award

Stearman N66301, Chuck Marshall, Buzz No. 301.

Kaydet Award

For excellence in restoration of Army Stearmans

N220PT, Randy Hutton, Buzz No. 42.

Yellow Peril Award

For excellence in restoration of Navy Stearmans

N5540N, Rob Lock, Silver/yellow N2S-5.

Best Civilian

For excellence in restoration of civilian Stearmans

NC785H Stearman Model 4E, Ric Woldow and Brian Aukes.

Best Custom

In recognition of creativity and workmanship on custom Stearmans

NC53040, Madonna & Merrill McMahan.

Best Military Custom

In recognition of creativity and workmanship on military customer Stearmans

N1203M, Rob Tekampe, Buzz No. 91.


Short-Field Takeoff (Stock Engines)

(shortest distance from start of take-off roll until airborne)

First: N59695, Jonathan Sager, 375 ft;

Second: N54653, Bob Pingston, 435 ft;

Third: N68994, Bryan Miller, 449 ft.

Short-Field Takeoff (275- to 300-horsepower engines)

(shortest distance from start of take-off roll until airborne)

First: N1203M, Rob Tekampe, 425 ft;

N21967, Julie Thomas, 431 ft;

N49659, George Triche, 479 ft.

Short-Field Takeoff (450-horsepower engines)

(shortest distance from start of take-off roll until airborne)

First: N74031, Mike Turner, 375 ft;

Second: N52014, Howard Thomas, 420 ft;

Rescue Drop

(for the flour bomb dropped closest to the center of the target)

First: N54653, Bob Pingston, 7 ft 6 in;

Second: N21697, Julie Thomas, 36 ft;

Third: N57861, Jim Fassino, 45 ft 4 in.

Precision Landing Contest

(for landing closest to a designated line)

First: N49659, George Triche, 120 ft;

Second: N52287, Brian Vallero, 128ft;

Third: N74031, Mike Turner, 200 ft.

Aerobatic Competition

First: N1535M, Brian Rosenstein;

Second: N74031, Mike Turner;

Third: N63806, Bob Swint.

Formation Competition – 4 Ship

First: Gumbo Fight: N59695, Jonathan Sager; N42DB, Roddy Grice; N49659, Shannon Elliott; N3953B, Phillip Grice.

Family Tradition: N21967, Julie Thomas; N9686F, Marshal Thomas; N52014, Howard Thomas; N36PH, Ben Thomas.

Poker Run

First: N52287, Brian Vallero – Full House;

N58712, Tye Hammerle– King High Straight;

N1203M, Rob Tekampe– 2 Pair Q's and 8's.


Lloyd Stearman Award

Presented to a Stearman documented to be of significant importance in the Stearman Aircraft Company’s history, or one that has been restored to replicate or preserve the historic accuracy of a civilian or military Stearman

Stearman N615RS, Ron Wojnar, Buzz No. 46 N2S-4 in Army Colors.

Bill Adams Memorial Foundation Award

In recognition of sustained effort that contributed measurably to the continued success of the National Stearman Fly-In and greater Stearman community. Presented by Brett Anderson, SRA.

Larry Johnson

Made It Happen Award

What Stearman burned the most fuel during the 2021 National Stearman Fly-In during a specified time period (Monday, Sept. 6, through 4 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 11). Presented by Ric and Lisa Woldow in memory of Don Grundstrom.

Stock category: N4939N, Sue Anderson, 194.7 gallons.

400++ hp category: N802RB, Ric Woldow, 118.7 gallons.

Total Stearman fuel consumed: 5242.64 from Monday, September 5 to Sunday, September 10 at 3:00 p.m.